Journaling for... Self Discovery
by John Robson


What is journaling? I define journaling as "Think It and Ink It." It's a process of stimulating the mind, body and heart and then capturing the resulting thoughts and feelings on paper or disk.

Different journaling tools and exercises encourage us to think in different ways. Once we capture these thoughts on paper, we can explore different sides of our nature. We can identify beliefs that hold us back. We can glimpse our potential and then monitor ourselves realizing it. We can discover insights, creativity and wisdom we didn't know we had.

Journaling allows us to consciously work with the vast resources of our subconscious mind. We can draw out material from our subconscious that is not normally available to us.

And with journaling, we can also intentionally anchor new information into the subconscious.

Journaling helps us hold steady our fleeting thoughts, sensations and inspirations so we can give them more attention, reflection and meaning.

Why journal?
"The more you use your brain, the more brain you will have to use." George A. Dorsey
Is your mind your best friend or your worst enemy? Our mind can be our worst enemy when we're not aware of how it works. So many of us take our mental processes for granted. And when this happens, our thoughts think us. We think we're alert and thinking creatively but in reality, we're trapped in an endless loop of old thoughts continually repeating themselves.

Our minds tend to play the same messages over and over again. About 95% of what we do, think and say comes from old patterns in our subconscious. And unfortunately, this old thinking is often negative and limiting. It sabotages our best intentions. It keeps us stuck.

So how do we break from these stuck, limiting patterns? With journaling!

Journaling teaches us how we think, create, learn and intuit. Journaling helps us break through our habitual patterns to discover our innate creative genius. All we need to know - all the answers and the wisdom we could ever need - lie within each of us. And we can draw out this knowledge and wisdom with the right journaling tools and techniques.

Journaling is a powerful tool even when used casually. When used with purpose and an understanding of how it works, its power to heal and expand our capabilities grows exponentially.Journaling tools offer the keys to help you unlock the wealth of both your rational mind and your intuitive knowing. They will show you how to purposely direct the immense powers of your mind and heart to: gain control of and make sense of your life; clear and heal old hurts that are unconsciously holding you back; tap your innate creativity for easier and more effective problem-solving and decision-making; and, open the doors to higher guidance and consciousness.

With these tools as your resource, you will be able to intentionally design your own journaling program to address whatever needs and opportunities surface in your life. Go deeper. Reach higher. Journaling with intent will bring you freedom, inspiration, growth and meaning. Make friends with your mind and your heart. Agree to work together as partners. And you'll awaken to a whole new world of possibilities!
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