Wayne Dyer - A Promise Is A Promise

An Almost Unbelievable Story of a Mother's
Unconditional Love and What It Can Teach Us

with Marcelene Dyer

(Published by Hay House * Audiobook also available)


Dear Friends:

I urge you to buy this book, not only because the money from your purchase will directly help these extraordinary people but also because reading this book will touch your life in a most profound way and perhaps bring us all a little closer on this journey of love.

Veronica M. Hay, Publisher

Several years ago, Wayne Dyer read a story about Edwarda in a local newspaper and felt compelled to visit the woman and her mother. A deep friendship ensured that has blossomed into a passionate conviction to a cause. Dr. Dyer has made a commitment to help these women and has related A Promise Is a Promise not only to share their incredible story with the world but to raise money for Edwarda's care.

Dr. Dyer is donating all profits from A Promise Is a Promise
to the O'Bara family for the care of Edwarda.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, the bestselling author and world-renowned teacher,
brings you this *extraordinary biography about two ordinary people,
the miracles that have become part of their lives, and what these miracles can teach us.

"Promise you won't leave me, will you, Mommy?"
"Of course not, I would never leave you, darling, I promise.
And a promise is a promise!"

These were the last words that were exchanged between Kaye O'Bara and her 16 year old daughter, Edwarda, before the vivacious teenager fell into a diabetic coma on January 3, 1970.

For the past 26 years, Edwarda has been in a comatose state and her mother has kept her promise to never leave her daughter. This dedicated parent, now 68, has fed her daughter every two hours and given her insulin every four hours, without fail! In fact, Kaye O'Bara sleeps next to her daughter in a chair.

Imagine if you will:
Never sleeping more than 90 minutes at a time.
Never going on a vacation.
Never going to a movie theater.

These are activities that most of us consider part of everyday life. But Kaye has never enjoyed any of them, especially since the brunt of Edwarda's care has always rested on Kaye's shoulders. Kaye's husband Joe died in 1976 of a heart attack and ever since, Kaye has chosen to keep Edwarda at home. There is no help from the government, so Kaye has been fund raising privately for the past 26 years!

Kaye's loving care is evident in Edwarda's appearance. She is always clean, her gray hair braided, and her clothing spotless and feminine. Edwarda has never had a bedsore. Looking at the chair by Edwarda's bed, one can visualize the number of nights over a quarter of a century when Kaye has fed Edwarda, waking at 2:00, 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, to pour the specially prepared mix of vitamins and baby food into the feeding tube that is her daughter's life support. Kaye constantly speaks to her daughter, plays self-help tapes, new age music, and even television sitcoms. She is convinced that Edwarda will someday wake up and is determined to get her ready for that day.

Over the years, Edwarda has moved from being in a deep coma to being able to blink her eyes in response to a question from Kaye. Kaye has often been asked why she has not put Edwarda into a nursing home, where the government would take care of expenses and life would have been much easier for Kaye. Her response is immediate and forthright.

"I knew she would never survive living in a nursing home, and so did my husband. I made her a promise that I would never leave her, and I won't. I know that she will one day wake up, and I will be here just like I was on the third of January, 1970, and she will know that I lived up to my promise that I made when she was a little girl. After all, a promise is a promise!"

Please do include Edwarda in your prayers.
If you would like to contribute anything, even a dollar will help,
you may make a tax-deductible contribution to the address below.

Kaye has so far been able to acknowledge every contribution she has received with a letter of appreciation.

P.O. BOX 693482
MIAMI, FLORIDA, 33269-3482



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