Ask Your Angels

by Alma Daniel

Since Ask Your Angels was published in 1992, I've received more than 3,000 letters from readers in Canada, the United States, South America, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Many of these readers express appreciation for confirmation of what they knew to be true but had been afraid to speak about - that the angels are with us, every one, every day. So many people say "Thank you! I knew my angel was with me, even though my family thought I was nuts."

While this represents the majority of correspondents, there is another theme that surfaces - and it troubles me. These are letters and requests from people for me to contact my angel on their behalf with questions ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Some folks have written to me asking that I put in a good word with their angels, to help them get what they want. One man wanted to know how the angels could help him pick the winning numbers in a lottery!

This disturbs me on two counts: first, the angels have made it very clear that there is no person who has more of an "in" with them than another. My particular mission is not to connect with other people's angels, but to teach and empower people to make their own connections, so I always encourage people to "Ask Your Angels" yourself. We spent a great deal of time creating guidelines in our book, to show you exactly how to do this. Second, although the angels are definitely here to help us, I'd like to dispel the notion that they are here to do it for us, or that they can be used to manipulate people or events. If that is where you are coming from, I suggest you forget about the angels. You're on the wrong track.

The angels are here to encourage and inspire us, to support and assist, as we do the enormous healing that is required. But it is we who must do the work, both on a personal and planetary level. Because we are all connected, all cherished children of our beloved Creator, when any one of us heals, it affects every other one, and raises the level of understanding and light that is available to all.

Angels are not like genies in a lamp that you can rub for luck. They love us dearly, faults and all, in fact, they don't ever focus, as we do on our "faults." But they are not here to interfere with our free will, which is a gift from our Creator, one bestowed uniquely on us. Angels, for example, do not have free will. They answer to God and have only God's will to fulfill. To do this they "serve" us, but they are not our servants.
The angels work to awaken us to our divine selves. They awaken as well, our intuitive knowing. They re-connect us to our High Self nature.

When we align with their energies we move into a far gentler realm than the one which we normally inhabit. As kindness and caring develop and grow within, we become gentler with ourselves and with others around us. We begin to exemplify sacred vows - those of truthfulness and compassion.

The truth about living a spiritual life is that it is not separate from the ordinary threads and weavings of a physical life. We're being required to "walk our talk" in our everyday dealings with friends, family, co-workers and strangers, to begin to exemplify those qualities characteristic of the angels - nurturance, protection, guidance, unconditional love and acceptance. These qualities are ones traditionally associated with feminine energy. It is timely to return to these ways, to honor the divine mother within each of us, men as well as women. It is only by doing this, by embracing and embodying what has been called the feminine Christ, that we are able to be moving through this time of extraordinary transformation with courage and kindness.

We are all here to teach something and although we may not all be teachers by conscious choice or avocation, each of us contributes something through the unique pattern of our personality, and often, through the work that we choose to do. What I teach is basic: Tell the Truth, Be Here Now, Let Go. Love God, Be True, Have Fun. Show Up, Hang in There , Do the Best You Can.

These are all variations on the theme. Be good to yourself. Honor the Divine within. Develop compassion. Quiet the mind. Pay attention. Leave no tracks. Be grateful. And humble.

Working with the angels can help us to be mindful of these precepts and to remember to Lighten Up! Whenever I fall into the trap of taking myself and my process too seriously, my angel pops in with a few well-chosen words. Once, when I was in a workaholic binge trying to complete too many projects before leaving for a vacation, she quipped; "Functioning starts with Fun".

It helped me to bring things back into perspective, to release the stress I'd imposed on myself. On another occasion when my ego flared, she piped up: "It's always too early for self-congratulation." It's never too early to call on the angels for comfort and support. And, best of all, it's never too late.

Alma has been teaching people how to connect with their angels since 1985, and now trains individuals to conduct the Ask Your Angels workshops that she developed. Alma's Angelic Meditations audio cassette, with music by Gerald Jay Markoe, is at the top of the new Age charts in the U.S. For information about her other tapes and a video cassette, you can write to her at 300 Central Park West, Suite 25C, New York, NY. 10024

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