Angel Poems

What Do Angels Look Like?

Mini - Poster

Copyright © 1990
by Veronica M. Hay


I have been in love with Angels my entire life and I have been writing Angel poems and stories for as far back as I can remember. In 1990, I added a piece to my growing Angel poems collection entitled, What Do Angels Look Like? As the title suggests, it is about Angels and what we THINK they look like. You may listen to it below.

When most of us reflect upon Angels, we conjure up pictures in our minds of beautiful mystical beings with opulent wings and golden haloes. We may recall various childhood memories of stories told of Angels and what they represent from the various religions we studied, or schools we attended.

But for me, Angels were always so much more than that. They were an ongoing part of my everyday world.

I am sure that if you look at your own life and the people in it, you will find Angels everywhere. The problem is, that most of the time, we just take it all for granted. We go about our day often lost in thought, oblivious to the world all around us, unaware of the miracles that abound and the countless Angels who grace our path.

It is my sincere desire that today, you OPEN YOUR EYES to not only SEE the Angels in your own life, but to be an Angel for someone else. And, it is my profound hope that just for today, you can rise above your mere mortal existence and walk among the gods.

Enjoy the poem and have an angelic day.



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Once you download this mini-poster you have my permission to print it out as many times as you would like. Here are just some ideas that you could do with the What Do Angels Look Like poster.

- Give it to all of those people who have been "Angels" in your own life.

- Frame it and keep it in your home and/or office. Angel poems are appreciated by everyone.

- Use it as a sales/promotion tool for potential customers and/or clients.

- Give it as a thank you gift to all of your existing clients, customers and employees.

- Send it as a Valentine, Birthday or Christmas card to the people on your list who adore Angel poems, and who doesn't.

- Read the words at your workshop, seminar or gathering.

- Offer it to anyone you are aware of who may be feeling depressed or discouraged.

- Add to your own Angel poems collection.

The possibilities are endless! Most of the world love Angel poems.

And the recipients of this beautiful poster will be truly grateful that you cared enough to think of them and uplift their day.

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