"NOW" The Greatest Gift of All
by Barbara Whyte

You are NOW entering the place of the east on the spiral medicine wheel, the time of new beginnings, the time of Spring. You have just come through a most paradoxical time, a time of dormancy yet a time of phenomenal changes. Winter was a time of assessing accomplishments and was a time when you could come to an understanding of your life. It was a time of both ending and beginning, of death and life. To make way for the new you must give death to the old. NOW is the time to step out of the old paradigm of duality and step into the new earth paradigm of oneness, non-attachment and non-judgement, in its truest form, allowing each being on this planet their journey regardless of the outcome.

NOW is being passionate about what you are doing in the moment regardless of what it is. NOW is being fully alive in this moment. NOW is being in touch with yourself, allowing your light to shine through for the world to see. Often it is your unconsciousness of the NOW, which results in your unhappiness. Living in this moment means you may cry due to sadness and in the very next moment you may laugh at a joke. One expression does not negate the other expression. You often stay victim to an expression because it is expected of you rather than allowing your authentic or real self to be present. Often you think you are being in the moment when in reality it is about acquiring something you want, like control, attention, or sympathy. Being your authentic self is about being in the moment with no hidden agendas and having no illusion of the situation at hand. NOW is bringing the sacred into everything you do. I mean everything! Bringing love to the pain, bringing love to the hate, bringing love to the sorrow and loving the parts of yourself you never thought possible. NOW nurtures your soul, all of who you are as part of the oneness, the beauty within.

As the flowers blossom so must you for NOW is the time to let go of the cellular programs held in your cellular structure preventing you from living your life fully. Often your responses come from an old program in the cellular structure that is no longer serving you. NOW you have the opportunity to stop generational programs that you carry from repeating themselves. In this new earth paradigm you have the opportunity to write a new script of what you want in your life NOW, unmarked from were you came from and live it! NOW is the time to celebrate your very being on this planet, to celebrate in love, light, and joy. How often have you heard yourself say, “When I do …. I will be able to incorporate this into my spirituality and into my new lifestyle.” There is no more waiting when you live in the NOW. You just are, you are the new way of Thinking, Being, and Doing! Step into the beauty of Spring and give yourself and those you love the greatest gift of NOW! Namaste’

Barbara Whyte created the non-intrusive energy system Cellular ReprogrammingTM over three decade ago to support one in having a resilient immune system, inner-sustainability, and a new balanced long term way of Thinking, Being and Doing in support of living in the NOW and experiencing Inner Peace. Only through each person experiencing Inner Peace can World Peace be accomplished. Barbara can be reached at 1-800-701-2044 or e-mail for more information on Cellular ReprogrammingTM.

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Barbara Whyte
Lifestyle Educator, Consultant

524 Kangaroo Trail Nakusp B.C. V0G1R0
Telephone: 1-800-701-2044

CR™ is a non-intrusive energy system creating inner sustainability, a resilient immune system and activates DNA blueprints without re-living the drama, or shame of the past.
Vibrational Essences support the human journey in Light, Love and Joy!


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